The city


and bright town, Florence stretches along the banks of Arno river, surrounded by a long hills chain.

Sole in the world for its wonderful variety of monumental buildings, this town maintains and still retain grace and harmony given from Renaissance masters.

Florence, town of art but not only, is also famous all around the world for handcraft of leather goods and gastronomy.

Historical notes about Via Faenza:

The name comes from the “Faenza women”, this means the Vallombrosan Nuns, followers of Blessed Humility from Faenza. They had the proper monastery outside an historical door on the walls, called Faenza Door, places in the actual “Fortezza da Abbasso” in 1533.

Initially the road had 2 names: the first part till the actual “Via Nazionale”, was called “Borgo di Campo Carbonili” and the second part, from “Via Nazionale” to “Piazza del Croficisso” was called “Via di Porta a Faenza”.

The Duomo Santa Croce